Stepover building

During formation of technology process there may be times when customer need build a stepover manually. For such cases SprutCAM provides method for the manual stepover definition.


We consider the building of the stepover between two operations with an example.


After operation calculation was founded stepover between operation which gouging a part.

For modify of stepover it is necessary form control points list through which pass the stepover. This action can be done with <Axis position> windows which is opened by pressing the button f_clip1112 on main panel.

At the next make sure that the mode <Interactive machine> is turn on.


On the <Simulation> page select the last frame in the first operation (5D Contouring) as shown on the picture. Definition of control point parameters is made by moving joint with tool in new position.


Press <Remember> button in the <Machine control panel> windows for saving control point parameters.

After forming control points list it is possible build stepover by it.

Select first operation (5D Contour) on the <Technology> page, open <Tuning> tab and select from Return method list <Custom...> item as shown on the picture.


Open <Machine control panel> window, select control point and press <Add current state> button in the <Approach/return points list edit> window as shown on the picture.



If exact values are not important for axes then control points can be added directly, without the formation of list.

Similarly, the set point for the approach of the second operation (5D Contouring2).