Robot scheme selecting, adjusting dimensions of the machine

In the robots the tool end point tuning is make by the shift definition and rotate angles about last robot joint.

1. Find those numbers in the robot documentation.

2. Enter values in the <Machine dimensions> fields which shown on the picture.


Definition of the machine dimensions is make work with technological process more easy. After import the part will be placed into robot work area, if machine dimensions will not defined then part can be placed outside of the work area or inside robot model, which can complicate it further positioning. The machine dimensions can be stored in the robot scheme it allow not ask them every time you create a new project.

Positions of A, B and C Axis for the <Base> and for the <Tool> is setup one time for all technological process.


Tool overhang can be defined interactively.

Open the <Tool> sheet f_clip1104.

Click in the <Overhang> field as shown on the picture.



After that in the graphical window will be shown Base point on the flank of the last node of the robot, chain of the 3 items up to tool end point and overhang value. All four dimensions is related in the dimensions chain which means that when any of those dimensions will be changed then other dimensions will be recalculated automatically so that dimensions chain is not disrupted. For changing any of dimensions click on it and enter new value by using keyboard or rotation of the mouse wheel.

In the robots of a different developers the type definition of the rotation angles can be different.

For example for Fanuc: First around X, then around Y, then around Z.

For Staubli: First around Z, then around Z, then around Z.

For the switch between angles definition types it is necessary use <Type of rotation angles> window, which can be opened from the next windows: <Definition of new coordinate system> window, <Spatial transformations> window, <Workpiece setup> window.