Tool and cutting mode selection

The SprutCAM is used the next cutting regimes calculation scheme.

At the first it is necessary select the workpiece material. The available tools will be change in accordance with the material. For the material selection it is necessary use button <Workpiece> on the machine workpiece definition page.




If it necessary some workpiece parameters may be changed (For example <Hardness>), so it is allow operations which not machined in the SprutCAM (For example <Hardening>). Workpiece parameters is fill by the ISO standard.

At the second it is necessary select tool. The tool choice start from the choice the tool material. The search is make from the all available tool materials. Prefer materials which recommended by the manufacturer for machining the selected workpiece material.

In the third place it is necessary choice the tool geometry and select the more appropriate tool.

The next it is necessary set cutting regimes. The regimes choice start from the result surface roughness value which must given after machining.

Use <Roughness> field to set the surface roughness. The <Base feedrate> value is select by the <Roughness> value and <Tool noise radius>.

At the next is make the feedrate correction. If feedate value is out of recommended manufacturer range then feedrate value will be corrected. At the next is calculate difference between the workpiece material hardness and the base material hardness (for which is calculated cutting modes in the manufacturer data). By this difference value is calculate the <Correction> value. On the assumption of base <Feedrate> value from manufacturer data is choice <Base cutting speed>. The <Base cutting speed> is multiply on the <Correction> value. As result we have  the next cutting parameters:

  • Cutting speed;
  • Feedrate;
  • Cutting depth by the one pass.


If it is necessary the parameters can be corrected in the semi-auto mode. It is necessary use the regimes correction window to correct regimes. In the window is place also some additional technological parameters. The window allow select the limiting parameter and to make parameters correction by it.




All other parameters will be recalculated so not leave recommended manufacturer ranges. For the calculation machining coefficient of efficiency allow equality 85%.

For the roughness operation is recommended use 100% of the machine power. For the finishing operation it is recommended use less than 70% of machine power for take more quality surface.

The machine axis drive consumption power is calculated by the next formula:


(Cutting depth)*(Feed)*(Cutting speed)/24




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