SprutCAM checks for updates at each start. System will automatically download all necessary files and check them. It is not necessary to keep SprutCAM opened - background updates checking will be processed even after SprutCAM closing.


When updating system find and successfully download modules, updating prompt will be shown:





  • The <Never> button cancels update. SprutCAM will never check for updates again, until Updating option becomes enabled in the System settings window.
  • The <Not now> button cancels update. System will prompt to update on the next SprutCAM start.
  • The <Update> button runs updating process.


Updating process


SprutCAM updating process contains three steps:




  • The <Wait for SprutCAM closing> - system wait while user saves all projects and close SprutCAM manually. SprutCAM launching will be blocked during update. It is possible to cancel updating process in this step by closing this Updating window.
  • The <Update modules> - system starts updating. SprutCAM can ask administrative account to complete this step.
  • The <Finish updating process> - system deletes all temporary data, used for update.


After these steps Updating window will be closed and SprutCAM launching will be unblocked.