Drilling cycle (G87, W5DBore7(487))

Boring cycle performs tool approach to the hole center, hole boring with stop at minimum level and manual retract to the <Return> level.




Boring canned cycle <G87> consists of:

  • Rapid travel to the hole center at the <Z return> level.
  • Rapid travel to the <Z safe> level.
  • Work feedrate travel to the <Z min> level.
  • <Spindle stop>.  If <Oriented retract> check box enabled, then spindle stops with the fixed angle of orientation and then the tool shifts slightly sideways in accordance with a given displacements.
  • Manual retract to the <Z return> level.
  • Restore spindle rotation direction and speed.


Options on the <Oriented retract> panel allow retraction without contact the tool with machined surface at the exit. To do this, after the final depth of hole is reached the spindle stops with a strictly defined angle and a slightly shifts to the side. Then tool returns to the top level with a stationary spindle.




To edit the following parameters are available: the angle of the oriented spindle stop in degrees and the coordinates of tool offset after a stop.




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