Drilling cycle (G88, W5DBore8(488))

Drilling cycle type drills holes with rapid approach to the safe level, dwell at hole bottom level, spindle stop and manual retract to the safe plane level.




Drilling cycle <G88> consist of the following steps:

  • Rapid tool motion to the hole center at the <Z return> level.
  • Rapid descend to the <Z safe> level.
  • Work feedrate motion to the <Z min> level.
  • <Dwell> at the <Z min> level.
  • <Spindle stop>.
  • Manual tool retract to the <Z return> level.
  • Restore the spindle rotation direction and speed.


The time of delay is defined on the <Dwell> panel in the field <Bottom dwell>. The time can be specified in seconds or in the numbers of the tool revolutions. In the last case the time is calculated automatically using the defined tool RPM. Delay is absent if the bottom dwell is off.






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