What's new

Advanced Robot module

Advanced Robot module provides easy and intuitive programming of complex 3D motions of the robot effectors. This module extends robot machining features: bypass inaccessible positions and singularities with optimizer due to automatic robot axes map building.

Benefits: Configuration map (machine/robot), flips and singularities, rails and rotary tables, Control of 6-axis, set the tool to the desired angle to the plane (flank).


Morph operation

Morph operation generates a toolpath that smoothly morphs between two specified curves with high speed links. Available strategies include: Across, Along, Spiral.

3 to 5 axis toolpath with the following tool axis orientation modes: Fixed, Normal to drive curves 4d/rotary axis/drive curves 5d/surfaces 5d.

Benefits: Many operations for the machining of: turbine wheels, turbine blades, and screws, as well as complex channels etc. High speed links.



Feature based drilling

This feature recognizes all the holes in a part and conveniently displays them on the screen in a tree type structure. One can group holes by their type, plane, top or bottom level, or by color. It stores machining sequences that are used to machine a particular type of hole in a database and then automatically searches for similar holes in a new part and attaches the appropriate sequences to them. The best tools for machining the holes are automatically selected based upon the defined rules.

Benefits: Drastically simplified and speed up the process of creating hole machining operations. Machining a part with hundreds of holes of different types is a breeze


Sawing operation

The Sawing operation is specifically designed for the fast programming of a saw blade for up to 5 axes milling of wood, marble, granite, stone and similar materials.

Benefits: Automatically calculates the correct saw inclination, approaches and sawing motion.


Advanced Plasma module

Special operation for automatic programming plasma cutting. Easy selection of optimum cutting conditions based upon the thickness and physical properties of the material being processed. For multi-axis plasma machines and industrial robots.

Benefits: Intelligent toolpath calculation


High speed cutting

Advanced Roughing strategy provides dramatically faster stock removal by maintaining constant tool load with a smooth toolpath leading to reduced cycle times, improved tool life and optimum surface finish.

Benefits: Consistent cutting conditions. Higher Feed rates. Longer Tool and Machine Life. Reduced Machining Time.



Create custom operations with automatically selected parameters using rules (for example milling using shaped mills, multi axis laser/plasma cutting etc.) and direct access to any operation's parameters via Sprut IDE.

Benefits: Creation of unique operations for machining. Our own Integrated Development Environment. Object access to any operation's parameters. Third-party DLL connection.


Tool-axis modification

Interactive tool-axis modification in the 5D contouring operation allows adjustment of the tool axis direction manually at any position of the toolpath.

Benefits: Manual avoidance of obstacles. Optimize the toolpath


Interactive machine

An easy way to move machine nodes/axes using the mouse. It enables the checking of tool accessibility for any point on a part. This feature also enables the easy definition for tool transitions (rapids) between machining operations.

Benefits: Drag&Drop. Valid for all machines including robots.


Multi-Core calculation (for Morph operation and robot axes map building)

SprutCAM uses the latest technologies, including native 64-bit support.

SprutCAM is designed to take advantage of the modern workstation architecture up to 64 core systems.


New online licensing system

SprutCAM 9 introduces new online licensing technology.



Addins are updated for supporting: SolidWorks 2014, SpaceClaim 2014, Inventor 2014, Rhinoceros 5 etc. Interactive tooling overhang changes. Inner corners smoothing. Toolpath width. Improved native STEP import. Windows 8 compatible. And much, much more!