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Special limited time offer for NEW SOLIDWORKS 2016 users

Save 25% on SprutCAM license for NEW SOLIDWORKS 2016 users
Offer valid: April 15 - June 15, 2016

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Date: April 15, 2016

New SOLIDWORKS 2016 Users:
Purchase SprutCAM from April 15th up to June 15th, 2016, and Receive a 25% Discount.

Would you like to add a high-end CAM system to your new SOLIDWORKS 2016 seat?

Would you like to have a vast choice of machining methods and strategies with optimum toolpaths and effective simulation of the machining?

The SprutCAM Add-In is available for direct interoperability with SOLIDWORKS 2016.

About SprutCAM's Add-Ins for SOLIDWORKS
In SprutCAM are available Add-Ins for interoperability with SOLIDWORKS.
The SprutCAM Add-Ins Manager is designed to control the many available SprutCAM Add-Ins. Add-Ins can be DLL's, VBA/JS-scripts or COM-objects that support the extended SprutCAM capabilities. One example of this is to link with an SOLIDWORKS to use it for geometry import or to add menus/toolbars for SOLIDWORKS.

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This is the SOLIDWORKS Addin to allow the import of models from the SOLIDWORKS CAD systems into SprutCAM.
The SOLIDWORKS toolbar addin to launch SprutCAM with a SOLIDWORKS model loaded. It appears in SOLIDWORKS as a SprutCAM icon.

About SprutCAM
SprutCAM with over 25 years of experience is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a full range of machine tool applications.
SprutCAM is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, multi-tasking machine tools and robots.
SprutCAM has over 5,000 licenses worldwide, managed through its network of dealers and OEMs.
Facts and figures:
• 2013 - SprutCAM topped the rating of the fastest growing CAM vendor of the world CAM market on the basis of CIMdata's data
• 2014 – a new SprutCAM training center in the USA was opened
• 2015 – a new SprutCAM training center in Germany was opened
• Throughout the world, a new copy of SprutCAM is installed every 40 minutes
Independent from the branch of industry, SprutCAM will provide you with a wide range of automatic functions on everything from simple to complex machining jobs, which successfully cover and even surpass CAM systems of the upper level.
For more information on SprutCAM, call +1-608-849-4430 or email

Addin Manager

• Very user-friendly interface – makes it suitable for occasional users
• Advanced and efficient multi-axis turn-milling machining
• Advanced Drilling includes automatic hole detection and/or user-defined holes
• High-precision simulation for multi-axis turn-milling machining
• All machining routines are fully gouge protected for both the cutter and the tool holder
• Full associativity with the SOLIDWORKS design model
• Works with native surface/solid models; no preliminary triangulation
• Transparent workpiece state passing from one operation to the next
• Toolpaths are optimized for HPC to extend tool life and reduce wear on the machine
• Extremely easy to learn and use (typically one to two days — no CNC programming experience required)

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