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Postprocessors generator

Making of a postprocessor is one of the most important parts of the deployment. Postprocessor is a special program which transforms the universal engineering data generated by SprutCAM into an NC for a concrete CNC machine.

For a successful post processor making the customer must provide the machine programming manual. However very often this information is not sufficient. For an efficient solving of all the technical questions there has to be a close contact with the professional who has real experience of working with the said machine. This can be a professional from the customer side or the machine vendor. When deploying SprutCAM with new equipment it is important to have cooperation from the machine supplier on helping with making of the post processor.

The final stage of the postprocessor elaboration is its adjustment. It consists in testing the generated NC programs on the machine. This work is done only with the customer side or machine supplier side. An ideal postprocessor excludes the necessity to edit NC programs manually and provides a full identity between the machine functioning and SprutCAM modeling system.


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