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What's new in SprutCAM 8

Use all advantages of the PC.

SprutCAM 8 is a 64- bit application for Windows. It is known that 32- bit application can not use more than 2GB of virtual memory. The new version SprutCAM 8 provides effective implementation of labor-consuming calculations for complex models, consisting of thousands of surfaces and create millions lines of NC-code.
Adding in system a new functional SprutCAM developers team is working adapt for multi-core processors. In addition systematically adapt old checked algorithms also. In particular, some parallelization of algorithms significantly shorten the time calculation in roughing waterline operation.
Currently research is being done on using modern graphic processors (GPU), which contain thousand of computing cores. Results of this research will be included in further versions of SprutCAM software.

New online installer system.

SprutCAM 8 introduces new installer technology. The new install launcher "SCSetup.exe" scans SprutCAM web server for available modules and downloads them. There is an option to install only required modules skipping the others(they are not downloaded). Successive installer runs use the previously downloaded modules to speed up the installation process.
New installer is most useful for special SprutCAM distributions created by our dealers, which have customized localization, tutorials, guides, machine-schemes and postprocessor modules.
There is of course a "disk" installer based on the same technology which uses local modules for installation.
We are planning to add online update feature into SCSetup.

User Interface is updated.

SprutCAM 8 welcomes it's user with a Welcome Page which contains shortcuts to New Project, Open Project dialog, recent projects and other useful SprutCAM links. Also online SprutCAM news are shown if internet connection is available. This welcome page is not bothersome or persistent and is gone as soon as user starts working with SprutCAM. This page is localizable and dealers are encouraged to create their own News page.


Tools Panel is redesigned. The new panel is logically organized to allow faster and convenient access to useful functions. The new panel also provides extensive hint messages for menu items.

And it is the best looking tools panel SprutCAM ever had.

SprutCAM 8 uses new Windows Open and Save Dialogs which allow file searching and content preview.


CAD software systems interaction.

SprutCAM 8 supports over 20 direct interfaces to major CAD software systems (most recent versions of course). As a special note SprutCAM 8 has interface to FreeCAD system. FreeCAD is a freeware. SprutCAM uses FreeCAD to import geometry data from STEP format files. When an "*.stp" file is imported for the first time the user will be asked to download FreeCAD, and if download successful  STEP import will be always available later at no cost for the user.

New workpiece definition method.

SprutCAM developers always try to avoid duplicating CAD-system geometry model functions but some of those features are especially useful when creating a workpiece for machining. For cast or forged workpieces the shape of the workpiece is close to the actual part. Of course you can always design the workpiece geometry model in a CAD system and import it into SprutCAM but it is also convenient to define the workpiece as the part geometry model with appropriate stock. SprutCAM 8 supports this feature.


Support of new machine types.

There is no limit to variety of modern NC-machinery. SprutCAM 7 introduced 3d kinematic machine schemes with unlimited number of tools and axes. SprutCAM 8 extends this area by introducing schemes for industrial robots.


Other advancement in the machines field is the support of multitask machines(MTM), which parallel machine with several tools under several NC-controllers. SprutCAM 8 allows programming multitask lathe machining centers with counter spindel (provided there are two parts in work area), part unload and takeover. 


New 5 Axis machining features.

Sprut-Technology continues development of 5 Axis machining to meet the user requirements.

When calculating toolpath SprutCAM 8 considers ranges of possible transitions of turn axes. If transition on axis reaches the limit the tool is retracted from the workpiece, and the machine axes are transited to positions that allow further machining of the toolpath and the machining continues. If machine limits prohibit machining of a certain toolpath element this element is excluded from machining and transition to the next machining area is performed via the safe surface which can be a plane, a sphere or a cylinder.


The next improvement is about the tool path multiplying. The old option of the multiplying around the machine axis is very popular. But it can't be used in the TCPM (tool center point management) mode. TCPM is supported by a big amount of the new modern machines. The new option of the geometrical multiplying works inside TCPM mode.


SprutCAM 7 had two hole machining operations: a simple Hole Machining and Hole Machining 5D. SprutCAM 8 uses only one Hole Machining operation which covers both old operations functions. For compatibility with old postprocessors Hole Machining operation has option «Use old cycle format (CYCLE)». New operation supports sorting of machined holes by planes, minimum chip breaking step and more.


Machining Simulation

Turn machining simulation restrictions after milling were removed. SprutCAM 8 simulates this kind of machining as it happens on real machines. 


Collision control is enhanced to report collisions of machine elements with each other, with tool or with part. When a collision is detected respective elements are highlighted and the corresponding program line is marked with red exclamation sign.


New gouge control mechanics were implemented. When the tool plunges the part for more than allowed value the corresponding program line is marked by a exclamation sign. If stop on errors option is turned on the simulation halts.

Interactive leads definition in contour operation

Lead in/ lead out definition was greatly improved for the contouring operation. Now they are defined directly in the graphic window allowing to specify exact numbers. Lead in is now possible from arbitrary point.

Rotary machining

Rotary machining operation now allows turning the tool axis parallel to the turn axis. Set the side angle to 90 degrees to achieve this. This mechanics allow to generate a simple 3d toolpath by the Rotary operation. In advantage over the common waterline operation this setup allows to machine undercuts and generate helical toolpath.


B-Axis turning

B-Axis turning allows finish machining of hard to access elements with only one operation by continuous shifting of the B-Axis value while transiting along contour (using the 4th machine axis if it's available). This leads to decreased number of tool changes, increasing the machining efficiency. Toolpath is calculated using the defined contour geometry and the B-Axis value in each contour point. User can specify any number of B-Axis values, which can be set in arbitrary position on the contour.


Wire EDM 2D and 4D contouring operations

The process of creating machined surfaces for Wire EDM operations was greatly improved. Now it is fully interactive and and allows input of sizes and tap angles directly in the graphics window.

Signing and illegal use protection of machine schemes and postprocessor.

We've added signing and encryption of postprocessors and machine schemes in SprutCAM 8. They are enclosed in a container file which are accessed by SprutCAM.
Digital signing insures authenticity of signed files but does not hide the sources.
Encryption protects components from unauthorized access. The employment of protected components (postprocessors, machine schemes) will be separately licensed in a way resembling SprutCAM licensing. Encrypted components are protected from modification and accessing the sources texts.
These facilities will allow protection of published for exchange and trading components for SprutCAM 8 on a web market based on Components will be traded either by Sprut Technology or dealers or experienced SprutCAM users.


Download trial version of SprutCAM 8.



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