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Tutorials for new and experienced CAM users:

Milling, Turning, Turn-Milling, Multi-task machining, Postprocessing, etc.

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Quick Start

A new introduction tutorial of working with SprutCAM Milling.

QUICK TIP-Keeping the Tabs on Top Selected

A tutorial to show how to activate/deactivate the almighty tack that keeps the tabs selected on the top.

Machine/Operation Properties Panel

The panel located below the Operation list is full of many settings/features that can be set. This goes over *Most of them*.

Modifying the Listed Operations

How to modify the listed operations

4th Axis shortest path

How to enable/disable the shortest path feature for 4th axis programming

Custom Stock on a Different Plane (HEX)

How to create custom stock when situated on a different drawing plane. In this case, it's Hex stock in a 4th axis

Painting and Tangent Selection of Faces

How to quickly select faces across a complex part

Measuring Geometry

How to use the calipers in SprutCAM to measure your part/workpiece

Part aligning

How to use align the part

CAD Integration

Interoperability with Alibre Design are available. SprutCAM support direct import of the parts from Alibre Design via AddIn.


Sprutcam Inventor Integration.


Interoperability IronCAD 2015 with SprutCAM v10 is available via toolbar.


This videofile illustrates KOMPAS SprutCAM integration.


SprutCAM support direct import of the parts from MegaCAD via AddIn.


Integration with Rhinoceros 3D.

Solid Edge

Sprutcam Solid Edge Integration.


Integration Sprutcam in Solidworks.


Add-In for interoperability with SpaceClaim.


Add-In for interoperability with ZW3D.

2D geometry
Extruding Stock w/ 2D Geometry (Tubes)

local cs


2D sketching in 2D geometry in different planes

Stock for tubes using the 2D Geometry feature and extruding it

Workpiece setting

3 axis milling
Workpiece definition


2D contouring operation

2D contouring

pass along the contour

G41 G42

Fillets finishing by 5D contouring operation

5D contouring



Toolpath multiplying




M98 M99 CALL

Finishing plane operation

finishing plane

plane operation

4 axis milling
Rotary machining operation for outer roughing

continous 4-axis milling

rotary machining

Groove processing on cylindrical surface with 2D contouring operation

continous 4-axis milling

2D contouring

cylindrical surface


Pocketing on cylindrical surface


pocket on cylinder

Helical slot machining with variable step


helical slot

5 axis machining
Basics of 5 axis machining

indexed machining

roughing waterline

5D contouring

3+2 indexed machining: coordinate system and axis reorientation

indexed machining

local cs

roughing plane


Machining of turbine wheel by continous 5 axis milling


5 axis machinig of surfaces

5 axis turbine milling

TRAORI M128 G43.4

Multi-axis holes machining with one operation

holes machinig


Sawing operation op5vH1P-V3s

Fast programming of a saw blade

Morph operation

High speed links

Smoothly morphs between two specified curves

1 - Machine selection

SprutCAM Lathe:
Machine selection

2 - How to Import

SprutCAM Lathe:
How to Import

3 - Define Part & Workpiece

SprutCAM Lathe:
Define Part & Workpiece

4 - Define Fixture & Work Piece modification

SprutCAM Lathe:
Define Fixture & Work Piece modification

5 - Facing operation

SprutCAM Lathe:
Facing operation

6 - Create Tool Library

SprutCAM Lathe:
Create Tool Library

7 - O D Roughing and Simulation

SprutCAM Lathe:
O D Roughing and Simulation

8 - Drilling

SprutCAM Lathe:

9 - I D Rough

SprutCAM Lathe:
I D Rough

10 - Finish Face and Finish Turn

SprutCAM Lathe:
Finish Face and Finish Turn

11 - Finish Boring

SprutCAM Lathe:
Finish Boring

12 - O D Groove Rough & Finish

SprutCAM Lathe:
O D Groove Rough & Finish

13 - O D Threading

SprutCAM Lathe:
O D Threading

14 - Part Off

SprutCAM Lathe:
Part Off

15 - Part Off with Rounding

SprutCAM Lathe:
Part Off with Rounding

16 - Process Sheet

SprutCAM Lathe:
Process Sheet

17 - Post Processor

SprutCAM Lathe:
Post Processor

18 - Parameter, Visual & Simulation

SprutCAM Lathe:
Parameter, Visual & Simulation

19 - Approach value

SprutCAM Lathe:
Approach value

Contouring operation

lathe contouring

lathe drilling

takeover in subspindle


Machining grooves with lathe operation

lathe contouring


G74 G75

Editing of contour with lathe operation


Rotary Machining

Continuous 4th axis using the Rotary Machining operation

Engraving on a cylinder

How to engrave on a Cylinder using a 4th axis

Cylindrical interpolation

2D contouring



cylindrical mapping

Polar interpolation for milling on lathe-milling machines

2D contouring

polar interpolation

G112 G113


Solving problem of axis travels over limits in lathe opration

axis travels

Multi-task machining
Multi-task machine programming for highly effective rough machinig by two cutters simultaneously

multi-task machines

multi-task synchronous programs

lathe contouring

Simultaneous processing of two workpieces on multi-task machine

multi-task machines

multi-task synchronous programs

lathe contouring

lathe drilling

2 workpieces

Advanced Multi-task machining

multi-task synchronous programs

2 workpieces

Robots programming
Working with SprutCAM Robot

SprutCAM Robot introduction tutorial.

Offline robot programming workflow Offline robot programming workflow

robot programming workflow

robot tool frame

robot user frame

Laser welding features Laser welding features

Welding programming

robot tool frame

robot user frame

Offline robot programming for milling with 8 axis continuous Offline robot programming for milling with 8 axis continuous

Milling programming

Multi axis continuous

robot tool frame

robot user frame

Definition of working plane for robots programming

teaching robots

robot tool frame

robot user frame

Rotary milling programming of sculpture

workpiece setup

rotary milling

Roughing milling with rotary table

workpiece setup

rotary milling

Plasma cutting programming

workpiece setup

toolpath angle settings


Example milling programming

workpiece setup

robot cell settings


Cutting programming

workpiece setup

toolpath angle settings


Rotary milling and postprocessing

workpiece setup



NC code

Feature based machining
Feature based drilling

Group holes by their type, plane, top or bottom level, or by color

FBM Bore manager - Training 1 FBM Training 1: bohrungsmanager grundlagen


FBM Bore manager - Training 2 FBM Training 2: Bohrungsmanager - verschiedene bohrungszyklen

Various drilling cycles

FBM Bohrungsmanager - Training 3: Mehrere werkzeuge für einen zyklus FBM Bohrungsmanager - Training 4: Spezielles Werkzeug auswählen FBM Bohrungsmanager - Training 5: Werkzeug nicht gefunden HD FBM Bohrungsmanager - Training 6: Editieren FBM Featurebaum FBM Bohrungsmanager - Training 7: Bohren von der anderen Seite


Advanced features
Creating Custom Tools with 2D Geometry

How to create that tool that isn't in SprutCAM's library

Thread Milling - Single Form

How to thread mill using a single form cutter. Simply change the C value when creating the tool if you have a different style thread mill.

Color Based Operation Assignment Script

This is an add-in made with the SprutCAM scripts where users can create CAD models with colored faces which all have to get the same operations. The script is run in SprutCAM and the user operations are assigned to the colored faces.

Colorization Sprut script example

An example of colorization script in SprutCAM.

Multiply toolpath Sprut script

Example of multiplying the toolpath using script in SprutCAM.

How to make a postprocessor in SprutCAM



Subroutine generation


ncsub M98 CALL

Tips & Tricks SprutCAM Robot postprocessing

Postprocessor modification for additional robot's devices (milling spindle, laser/welding heads etc.)




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